Bronze Valet Package

Whether you’re looking to give your car a deep clean, restore its shine, or protect its surfaces against the elements, we’ve got you covered with our expertly crafted valet packages.

Our Bronze Valet Package is perfect for those with a smaller budget or require a service completed within 2-4 hours. Our Bronze Valet works well for customers who are seeking a clean car inside and out.

Bronze Valet Package

/ What's included?

Estimated Time

Approx 2-4 hours


From £60-140

/ What's the final result?

After our bronze valet, your car will look significantly cleaner and tidier, with a noticeably fresh and pleasant interior.

The exterior will be washed and dried, removing dirt and grime from the surface, giving your car a cleaner and brighter appearance.

The wheels and tyres will also be given attention, ensuring that they are free of brake dust and debris.

Inside the car, the seats and carpets will be vacuumed, removing any loose dirt and debris, while the dashboard, console, and door trims will be wiped and brushed down and cleaned, giving the interior a neater and more polished look.

While a budget car valet may not include the same level of detailing and protection as our other packages, it's an excellent way to keep your car looking clean and presentable at an affordable price.

/ Bronze valet FAQ

We can remove literally any stain, including blood, bodily fluids, paint, dirt, drink and food stains

Yes, this will be priced upon inspection and can vary from £90-300.

Yes we use Bio Brisk which removes 99.9% of bacteria.

We can but in some cases we recommend going through insurance as this could be more cost effective. In most cases carpet and insulation will need to be replaced once they are removed.

If your wheels need to be removed you will need to provide us with the locking wheel nut. 

Some seats on certain types of vehicles we recommend to not remove as they may need to be fitted back by manufacturers. We will discuss this with you further prior to booking.

Maintenance wash for cars

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