Gold Valet Package

Whether you’re looking to give your car a deep clean, restore its shine, or protect its surfaces against the elements, we’ve got you covered with our expertly crafted valet packages.

Our Gold Valet Package is our ultimate car pedicure, bringing your car back up to the showroom finish that it’s longing for.

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/ What's included?

Estimated Time

Approx 4-7 days


From £650-1500

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/ What's the final result?

After our ultimate gold valet, your car will look truly exceptional, with every aspect of the interior and exterior receiving a comprehensive and detailed clean, polish, and protection.

The exterior will be thoroughly washed and dried, with extra attention paid to areas such as the wheels, wheel arches, door hinges and door sills.

This will help to remove any stubborn dirt or grime, leaving your car with a dazzling and mirror-like finish.

The paintwork will be polished and protected with a high-quality ceramic coating, creating a layer of defence against the elements and giving your car a deep and long-lasting shine. The windows will be cleaned to perfection, leaving them streak-free and crystal clear.

On the inside, the seats and carpets will be deep cleaned and shampooed, removing any dirt, stains, or odours. The dashboard, console, and door trims will be carefully cleaned and dressed, leaving them looking sleek and polished. This also includes roof lining and seat belts.

All leather surfaces will be cleaned and conditioned, preserving their softness and suppleness. In addition, the interior will be deodorized and freshened up, leaving your car smelling like new.

Our Gold Package car valet is the ultimate choice for those looking to give their car a new lease of life, leaving it looking and feeling like it's just rolled out of the showroom.

/ gold valet FAQ

This will be decided and discussed with you before booking as there are options for 3, 8 and 10 year durability

If your wheels need to be removed you will need to provide us with the locking wheel nut. 

Some seats on certain types of vehicles we recommend to not remove as they may need to be fitted back by manufacturers. We will discuss this with you further prior to booking.

We generally use a steam cleaner as this will help loosen dirt & grime. This will be inspected first before being carried out.

 As a general guideline, it is recommended to have a valet cleaning service performed every three to six months to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your vehicle. However, this can be adjusted based on your specific needs and preferences.

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